This story all began with a mini comic. I wrote “I Want to Believe” for Halloween Comic Fest 2014. With the conclusion of “I Want to Believe,” I realized this tale was bigger than one mini comic. I continued the storyline with “Uninspired” for Halloween Comic Fest 2015. Similar to a music video, these two mini comics are illustrated adaptations of two of my original songs. Following “Uninspired,” I was invited to create two pages of sequential art for a local comics anthology. For my submission, I crafted a prequel to “I Want to Believe”. Once I had revealed some backstory in the anthology, I wanted to tell the entire saga. In January 2016 I began a weekly webcomic and have used this avenue to tell the story of Wick and his search for the truths and origins of the organization known as S.A.U.C.E.R. It has been great fun for me, and I want to believe that it will be for you, too! Bookmark this page so you will not miss each weekly installment of “The S.A.U.C.E.R. Records.”